Regional Operating Advisors

The OAS Coordinator is recruiting volunteer Regional Operating Advisors (ROAs) to support the RSGB Regional Team.

Each adviser will:

  • Promote good practice through club talks and other ways
  • Be the expert who can offer one-to-one advice to RSGB Members in that region; and work closely with the Regional Team
  • Work with the other ROAs and the OAS Coordinator over time to develop and document best practice in relation to each kind of problematic on-air behaviour

Our role is to use our collective experience to suggest approaches you can take to resolve or minimise problems.

We also welcome your input about what has worked for you, so that your experience can help others.

If you have problems with planning or with electromagnetic interference please contact the RSGB’s relevant committee directly, where specialised help is available.


Regional advisors

  • Region 1 Scotland South and Western Isles
    Tony Miles, MM0TMZ
  • Region 2 Scotland North and Northern Isles
    Volunteer sought
  • Region 3 England North-West
    Greg Bolshaw, M0NZO
  • Region 4 England North-East
    Paul Saripo, 2E0PYG
  • Region 5 England West Midlands
    Vaughan Ravenscroft, M0VRR
  • Region 6 North Wales
    Dylan Parry-Williams, MW1EPI
  • Region 7 South Wales
    Brian Jones, GW6ZYI
  • Region 8 Northern Ireland
    Ian Evans, GI0AZB
  • Region 9 London and Thames Valley
    Jason Gardner, G7RUX
  • Region 10 England South & South-East
    Paul Lewis, M1AIB
  • Region 11 England South-West and Channel Islands
    Mark Chanter, M0WMB and Dave Murray, M6GYZ
  • Region 12 England East and East Anglia
    Dave Cutts, M0TAZ
  • Region 13 England East Midlands
    Andrew Orchiston, G7SYQ