What is a QSL Card?

An example QSL card

QSL cards are a form of postcard exchanged between radio amateurs to confirm an on-air contact.

These cards normally detail the band or frequency used, the time and date of the contact, and other technical information.

The international standard size for a single page QSL card is 140mm x 90mm (5.5” x 3.5”) with a maximum weight of three grams.

Once sent, cards are often used to confirm details for amateur radio awards, competitions, etc.

The cards can also be very decorative and are collected by some as a record of their amateur radio contacts.

Most modern cards feature a photograph on the face side detailing something of radio, social or geographical interest; they are ideal way to to convey more about the operator and his or her life and interests.

It is not compulsory to send a QSL card to confirm a contact and it is considered environmentally wasteful to send one for each contact made with the same station.

Not every one is able to receive a card if sent, for a variety of routing or membership reasons, and it is courtesy to check before sending during the contact.

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