RadCom Members’ Ads

Terms and Conditions

RSGB Members wishing to place a private advertisement may do so free of charge, provided they are submitted by email to memads@rsgb.org.uk and comply with the terms set out here.

There is no fixed deadline for Members Ads, but—for guidance—all ads received by the Around Your Region deadline each month are extremely likely to appear. The Around Your Region deadlines for the next two months are always printed at the very start of that section.

The following terms and conditions apply to all Members’ advertisements:

  1. In order to qualify for free insertion, Members Ads must be submitted by email to memads@rsgb.org.uk. You should receive an automatic acknowledgement almost immediately — if you don’t, please phone the RadCom office on 01234 832 700. Note that the memads@rsgb.org.uk mailbox is not continuously monitored between editions: to ensure a timely answer, please direct any enquiries to radcom@rsgb.org.uk or phone the RadCom office. Please note that we have not accepted ads by phone for many years and, from the end of 2017, no longer accept submissions by post.
  2. Your advert must clearly show whether it is For Sale or Wanted (or a Helpline or free – ‘up for grabs’) and must include your name, callsign or RSGB Membership number, phone number and postal town. An email address is optional.
  3. The ad may not contain more than 40 words, excluding the information in (2), and may be edited for readability at our sole discretion. Longer ads may exceptionally be accepted if there is a good reason, eg a shack clearance on behalf of a SK Member; email radcom@rsgb.org.uk and ask before submitting the ad.
  4. Not more than one ad per month will be accepted from any member. Recurring ads cannot be accepted, but Members may resubmit the same advert each month if they wish.
  5. Emailed adverts may optionally include one photograph of the item(s) being offered. Images must be attached as a JPG file (NOT embedded in the email), at least 800 x 600 pixels (preferably bigger) and of good visual quality. Please do not overprint or watermark images. You may find the guidance here usefulBy submitting any image you warrant that you own the copyright of that image and that you permit the RSGB to use it in any way. You must NOT just download someone else’s photo off the internet. We endeavour to publish photos with ads as space permits but cannot guarantee to publish any particular photo.
  6. Adverts will be published at the first available opportunity but no guarantee can be given as to when a particular ad will appear. We normally send you a brief email when your ad is actually processed for publication, usually along the lines of “your ad should appear in the xxx edition”.
  7. The RSGB believes that it is inappropriate for Members trading in radio equipment in any way to place Members’ ads. We therefore regret we are unable to accept such ads, although we do welcome these in the classified advertising section of RadCom.  For clarity, we do not consider it acceptable to use Members Ads for things like your own (or your friend’s) in-print book, or for items that you [can] make on a regular basis such as aerials, filters, kits or suchlike. If in doubt, please ask us via radcom@rsgb.org.uk.
  8. The RSGB accepts no responsibility for errors or omissions, or for the quality of goods offered.
  9. Members’ ads are accepted and published in good faith.
  10. Members’ ads are accepted at the sole discretion of the Editor, whose decision is final. We reserve the right to alter or waive any of these terms and conditions on a case-by-case basis.


Hire purchase
Members are advised to ensure that the equipment they intend to purchase is not subject to a current hire purchase agreement. The ‘purchase’ of goods legally owned by a finance company could result in the ‘purchaser’ losing both the goods and the money paid.

Prohibited items
Goods that contain prohibited items — as defined by the Royal Mail or courier service — may be refused carriage or confiscated en route. Check before you send.

To obtain a free copy of Prohibited and restricted items, a guide to what you can and cannot send in the mail call Royal Mail Customer Services on 03457 740 740, search the Royal Mail website for ‘prohibited items’ or see this link (correct when this RSGB page was revised on 16 August 2018). Further information is at the Royal Mail help portal; other carriers will have their own rules, available on their own websites.

Members Ads online

Members’ Ads can now be accessed via Membership Services in the digital edition of the magazine.

Specimen Members Ad

An ideal Members Ad submission email is like this:


Yatzahonduki 500 HF transceiver. GWO, comes with YHD-01 hand mic, new DC lead, manual, driver software CD. Non-smoking home. £500 plus carriage at cost, or collect. Steve Thomas, M1ACB, 01234 832 700, steve.thomas@rsgb.org.uk (Bedford).


Please note that we check eligibility by matching up the callsign you give to Membership records (the one that appears on your RadCom address label). If you’re using a different callsign for any reason please mention the other callsign(s) you hold so we can match up your details.