Delivery dates

The following are the estimated delivery dates for forthcoming RadCom in the UK

          Cover date                        Deliver

  • January 2023                    from 9 December
  • February 2023                from 20 January
  • March 2023                      from 17 February
  • April 2023                         from 17 March
  • May 2023                          from 15 April
  • June 2023                          from 19 May
  • July 2023                           from 16 June
  • August 2023                     from 14 July
  • September 2023              from 18 August
  • October 2023                   from 15 September
  • November 2023               from 13 October
  • December 2023               from 17 November


If your RadCom does not arrive within a week of the quoted delivery dates, please contact the RSGB Sales Department via  They will check that all is correct with your membership account and that we have your address recorded correctly.  If all is correct they will make sure that you receive a replacement copy as soon as possible.

Please Note: Overseas deliveries can take much longer to arrive but we do endeavour to get these to you as quickly as possible.

For general editorial deadlines (Around Your Region etc) please see here.

Changing your RadCom Mailing Preference
If you want you are able to switch off the physical posting of a RadCom each month.  There is no reduction of membership fee if you want to do this and no other membership benefit is altered by making this change.  This can be either a temporary measure or permanent as suits you and the same form is used to switch the posting of RadCom on or off.  If you would like to change your RadCom mailing please click here for the form.