Compostable RadCom wrapper

Our Members, both in the UK and overseas, now receive their copy of RadCom in a compostable wrapper derived from potato starch.

As a Society we are committed to reducing reliance on single-use plastic, and having introduced the new wrapper in February 2019 we are preventing over 250,000 plastic wrappers potentially going to landfill each year.

The wrapper is made from Bioplast 300®, which is made from waste potatoes left out of the food chain. It complies with European Standard EN13432, an EU-harmonised standard for compostable and biodegradable packaging. The wrapper can be disposed of in a home compost bin, food waste caddy or in green waste for collection by the local authority.

Further information about the Bioplast 300® can be found below—


We’ve had a really positive reaction to RadCom’s new wrapper. Here are some of the emails and comments on social media we have received.

I was so pleased when this came through the letterbox yesterday. It went into the food waste bin, which was taken this morning. Excellent!!

Excellent initiative RSGB. Let’s hope all plastic packaging can go this way before long.

Fantastic idea…all bags should be made of this where possible.

Well done for the green move!

Yep! Good idea! Let’s hope it catches on.

Hooorah !!! Good on the RSGB

Well done @theRSGB, others should follow your example

Well done @theRSGB. Saving the planet

Great idea @rsgb

Well done @theRSGB for wrapping RadCom in a compostable bag

Far too much plastic waste, this is a step in the right direction.

As an avid recycler, I was very pleased to see that my latest RadCom came in a bio-degradable wrapper! This is the first magazine (I subscribe to several) which came so wrapped. Congratulations to the RSGB for leading the way!

Absolutely Brilliant! Well done! As the wife of G8*** I am also a bit of an ‘eco-warrior’ and I am delighted that you have gone eco with the sleeve. If you can do it so can all the others.

On behalf of the worms in my recycling bin, thank you for going green and producing a compostable wrapper for RadCom! It will make a nice change from their usual diet of veg peelings as well as helping to reduce the global tide of plastic.