RadCom copy deadlines

For news, new products, club news and club calendar information, please observe the following copy deadlines (NB feature and regular column deadlines are different).

    • Cover date                    Editorial deadlineJanuary 2020                       20 November

      February 2020                     18 December 2019

      March 2019                         22 January 2020

      April 2020                           19 February

      May 2020                            25 March

      June 2020                            22 April

      July 2020                            27 May

      August 2020                       24 June

      September 2020                  22 July

      October 2020                      26 August

      November 2020                  23 September

      December 2020                   21 October

      January 2021                       18 November

All submissions should be sent by email to radcom@rsgb.org.uk. Please don’t copy (cc) the information to any other RadCom editorial address, as this leads to duplication of effort (it causes two or more people try to update the same thing).

For short updates, plain text in an email is fine; for more complicated items, new products, or longer reports, Word documents may be better. Please send any photos at the highest available resolution, unedited, as email attachments (NOT embedded in an email or document). See here for information on taking photos for publication.

If you need more information about copy deadlines or submitting items for publication in RadCom please contact the editorial team by email radcom@rsgb.org.uk.

The deadline for GB2RS is 10am sharp on the Thursday before broadcast; please email your news to radcom@rsgb.org.uk.