George Short, G2DGB – 9 February 2024

| February 19, 2024

George became interested in radio in the late 1930s and joined Weymouth & District Short Wave Club (G8WQ) in 1938. He achieved an AA (Artificial Aerial) licence in March 1939, callsign 2DGB. He was called up for national service in July 1939 and de-mobbed in January 1946 after which he managed to get a full transmitting licence, now G2DGB.

His interest in radio led him to a career at the Post Office radio station at Dorchester, from 1952 until retirement in 1979, where his duties involved operating the HF transmitters for the international telegraph services and in later years installation work at a number of the P.O. maritime radio stations. During a short period in 1970 he was involved in jamming the medium wave pirate broadcasting stations located in the North Sea.

George was one of the founder members of the South Dorset Radio Society and still tuned into the local repeaters right up to his passing. He was a member of the RSGB for 79 years reaching the No.2 position in the recent ‘Old Timers Honour Role’.

George passed away on 9 February 2024, aged 105 years.

Paul M Hawkins, G4KHU

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