Silent Key Guidance

When Radio Amateurs sadly pass away they become a ‘Silent Key’. This difficult time does involve a number of issues for which we hope the following guide is helpful:-

Informing Ofcom

Please note that Ofcom who manage all amateur radio licences should be informed of the death. Their ‘Spectrum Licensing’ department is based in Warrington and contactable on 0300-123-1000 or 0207-981-3131.

Ideally you should have a knowledge of their callsign and other details so they can confirm both your own identity (as a family member or executor) as well the amateur concerned. Regrettably the RSGB cannot do this for you, mainly for data protection reasons.

Other matters

Regarding the following:-

  • Obituaries
  • Were they an RSGB Member?
  • RadCom Silent Key column
  • What to do with the radios and aerials

Please see our more detailed advice and amateur obituaries here