Silent Key Guidance

When Radio Amateurs sadly pass away they become a ‘Silent Key’. This difficult time does involve a number of issues for which we hope the following guide is helpful:-

Informing Ofcom

Please note that Ofcom who manage all amateur radio licences should be informed of the death. Their ‘Spectrum Licensing’ department is based in Warrington and is contactable by email to

Ideally you should have a knowledge of their callsign and other details so they can confirm both your own identity (as a family member or executor) as well the amateur concerned. Regrettably the RSGB cannot do this for you, mainly for data protection reasons.

Other matters

Regarding the following:-

  • Obituaries
  • Were they an RSGB Member?
  • RadCom Silent Key column
  • What to do with the radios and aerials

Please see our more detailed advice and amateur obituaries here