Exams and Syllabus Review Group

Student taking exam

The Exams and Syllabus Review Group Chair is appointed by and reports to the Examinations Standards Committee Chair who appoints the Committee members who are not ex-officio appointments


  • Chair
  • Two or three members with educational or professional background who hold a Full UK amateur radio licence
  • Two or three members with radio engineering background who hold a Full UK amateur radio licence
  • Up to three members who have taught the Amateur Radio Syllabus at Full (formerly Advanced) level for at least two years and who have a Full UK amateur radio licence.
  • Air Cadet Organisation Radio Officer
  • RSGB Examinations Department Secretary
  • Chair may invite ESM, EQAM, RSGB General Manager and/or the Developing Amateur Radio Group Lead as non-voting observers
  • Chair may invite experts in specific aspects of amateur radio to participate in syllabus review discussions and exam question setting as necessary.

Terms of Reference

  • To review and maintain the examination standards and syllabus according to the requirements for the granting of an amateur radio licence as set out in the schedule agreed between Ofcom and the RSGB
  • To set and review the examination pass marks
  • To ensure that the examination question banks are adequately populated
  • To solicit, review and vet examination questions
  • To consult stakeholders on any proposed changes to the syllabuses before presenting to the Examinations Standards Committee
  • Investigate and rule on any complaints or challenges on the contents contents of the examinations papers
  • Produce an annual report for the RSGB Examinations Standards Committee


The Group typically meets three or four times a year, and completes as much of its work as possible via email or teleconference.

The Group publishes minutes of each meeting.


The Group will produce an annual report for the annual meeting of the Examinations Standards Committee which shall contain:

  • An assessment of the overall examination performance
  • Outline of examination questions added to and/or removed from the question banks
  • Details of any syllabus changes
  • Summary of any complaints/appeals received by the Group and the outcomes of those or related issues
  • Recommendations for any changes/future work

Reports of the Examination Standards Committee, and archived reports of the former RCF Examinations and Standards committees, can be found on our ESC Reports page.