Centenary Club of the Year

The National Club of the Year 2013 winner was Lincoln Short Wave Club

The National Club of the Year 2013 winner was Lincoln Short Wave Club

The Centenary Club of the Year competition closed at midnight on 31 January.

The Society sincerely thanks all those who took the time to enter, and wishes all entrants the best of luck.

The focus of this Club of the Year competition was  how clubs have contributed to and used the opportunities that the Centenary year has presented.

The competition was open to all RSGB affiliated clubs and groups.

Once again, we are indebted to Waters and Stanton for their generous sponsorship of this competition.

The judges will rank the submissions to ascertain regional winners using the following criteria.

  • RSGB MembershipFor example, percentage of club members who are in the RSGB, growth over recent years and number of Centenary offer Members
  • Membership age profileHow successful has the club been in encouraging ‘new blood’ into membership?
  • Training and advancement of membersHow has 2013 been an exceptional year for training, and advancement of members? How have the club used Centenary opportunities (e.g. G100RSGB, Centenary contests, construction competition) to develop the interests and skills of their members?
  • Spectrum useHow active is the club on the air and how has 2013 been different from previous years? How has the club used different bands/modes to extend their use of the Spectrum and members’ interests?
  • Outreach and promotionWhat outreach activity has the club undertaken and how has the Centenary helped them promote amateur radio? How has this outreach contributed to the development of the club/RSGB/amateur radio?

These same criteria will be used by the Board when determining the overall national winners.

Conditions of entry

Only one entry per RSGB affiliated club/group is allowed.

  • Entries must be for club activities undertaken from 1 January 2013 – 31 December 2013
  • All entries must be received no later than midnight on 31 January 2014
  • All entries must be a maximum of 1000 words. The maximum number of photos/pictures allowed is 6 per entry; however a club logo is allowed as an extra
  • All activities mentioned in an entry must be the work of the club and not done by individuals alone outside the club
  • All entries must have a declaration from two club officers (Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer etc) stating that the entry truly reflects the information provided and that all activities have been club activities, and not done as non club members. No signatures are required
  • All entries must be in Microsoft Word format and entered by e-mail – postal entries are not allowed
  • Upon submission, all entries become copyright of the RSGB

The regional judges have the right to enquire about the contents of any entry they receive and any entry containing false or misleading information may be disqualified.

Please ensure that there is a contact person identified on the application to whom enquiries may be addressed.

Please note:

  • Entries or part entries may be used for RSGB promotional purposes and articles on the winning entries will appear in RadCom after the winners have been announced
  • The judge’s decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into
  • The winning club from each of the 13 Regions will be automatically entered into the national final
  • Entries received after the closing date will not be judged
  • On entering the competition, you agree to the Conditions of Entry


All entries must be received by the manager of the Region in which the club or group has its main premises by the due date.

In order to determine regional winners, entries will be judged and ranked by a Regional Manager from outside of the Region to ensure impartiality.

The Board will determine the national winners using a published scoring system.

The national winners will be announced at the RSGB AGM in 2014 and the winners keep the engraved trophy.