RSGB Centenary Challenge

A simple operating challenge is open to all, to see who can head a set of “Leader Boards”. One is for the most number of different Region/Band combinations of contact with the Centenary station (G100RSGB, GD100RSGB, etc). The others are for contacts on different bands and modes with the RSGB GR2HQ Team’s station Centenary station (G100C, GD100C, etc.)

How the Challenge operates

  • The Challenge uses the statistics available from the “master” log for both Gx100RSGB and Gx100C operations, which is held in Club Log. One of the features of Club Log is its ability to deliver “Leader Boards”.

For the Centenary stations two “Leader Boards” are available. These can be viewed by scrolling down the output screen created from the “Am I in the Log” query. One “Leader Board” is for UK stations, the other for the Rest of the World. A separate “Leader Board” is available below for the RSGB GR2HQ Team’s Centenary station (G100C, GD100C, etc).

View your G100C, GD100C, band/mode slots and Leader Board positions

Enter your callsign, results will open in a new window.

Challenge Certificates

The RSGB  will announce on 1st February 2014 the winners,  who will receive free certificates, in the following categories:

  • The leading UK Full, Intermediate and Foundation licensed station and their runners-up, in terms of the total number of different Region/Band combinations for the Centenary stations’ “Leaderboard”;
  • The leader and runner-up, in terms of Region/Band totals, for the Rest of the World Centenary stations’ “Leaderboard”;
  • The leading stations in terms of the Band/Mode slots worked for each of the RSGB GR2HQ Team’s stations (G100C, GD100C, etc).

Arrangements are in-hand to provide a free downloadable Centenary Challenge certificate for all stations listed within the top 200 of either the UK or “Rest of the World” Leaderboards for the Centenary station.   The Leaderboard rank postitions, along with name and call sign will be shown on each certificate.  The rank positions will be those that apply after the 31st January 2014, which is the deadline for submission for any outstanding Centenary station logs.  An announcement will be made on the RSGB News website in mid-February once the web form for the downloadable certificate is operational.

We are currently exploring means of identifying the lead stations in DXCC entities, USA States and call areas in Commonwealth Countries so that we can offer certificates to recognise their achievement.  Further details will be announced shortly.

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