RSGB Centenary Award

The Centenary Award was created to stimulate operating through the Centenary year and introduce amateurs to some of the RSGB operating awards.  Separate awards are available for HF and VHF/UHF operating, and each is offered at a Basic and Gold level of achievement.  For each award the bulk of the qualifying contacts are made up from general contacts, but each award requires a minimum number of contacts with the Centenary station on a region/band basis.

Check Sheet and claiming your Award

Award overview

The Awards are offered in four categories, a Basic and an Advance award for both the VHF/UHF bands and the HF Bands. Each award requires you to work the Gx100RSGB Special Event Stations (SES) in a given number of RSGB Regions/Bands. Each contact with the SES per Region and Band counts. There are a total of 13 RSGB Regions.

The Award requirements have been set as follows:

  • VHF/UHF Basic = 3 Regions/Bands
  • VHF/UHF Gold = 6 Regions/Bands
  • HF Basic = 7 Regions/Bands
  • HF Gold = 10 Regions/Bands

In addition to the above minimum number of contacts with the SES on a Regional/Band basis each award requires you to gain a number of points which are collected by working other stations. Points are available as follows:

  • The first contact with a UK IOTA entity on each band (1 point).
  • On VHF/UHF only
    o First contact with a UK DXCC entity on each band (1 point)
    o First contact with each IARU Locator Square on each band (1 point)
  • OR
  • On HF only
    o First contact with each Commonwealth Call Area on each band (1 point)
    o First contact with each of the ITU Zones on each band (1 point)

So, your first contact with a UK station on VHF will give you 1 for the UK IOTA, 1 for the UK DXCC and 1 for the Locator Square = 3 points. Work the same station on another band and that is another 3 points. Work another station in the same IOTA and DXCC but a different Locator = 1 point. Work that station again on another band and you have another point.

This may seem a little complicated but once you have made a few contacts it will all become very clear. A Check Sheet will be available to record and track your contacts, and a Claim Formis available to submit your application.

The Awards are available for SWLs—where the rules below stipulate contacts please read as reception reports for SWL claims.

Single band entries will be accepted providing the applicant makes the required point totals. All entrants can use either multi-mode or single according to choice and certificates will be endorsed accordingly. Note that 60m and bands at 23cm and above are excluded from the challenge.

Note that no QSL card confirmations are required for any of the awards.

Requirements for the Awards

Further detail on the scoring