RSGB Wall of History

To celebrate the RSGB Centenary the Society has commissioned a special portable display entitled the RSGB Wall of History which can be borrowed by amateur radio clubs and organizations.


What is the RSGB Wall of History?

The RSGB Wall of History has been commissioned as an interesting way of portraying the history of amateurs over the 100 years of the RSGB’s existence. This is specifically intended to be accessible by both a public and amateur radio audience. The display is an impressive size and can be positioned in a variety of ways to best suit the environment.

Exhibiting the RSGB Wall of History

The display is only for indoor use as it is of a printed fabric construction on a light weight frame. There are three individual panels; each is 2.2m tall and 1.5m wide, so the ceiling height and floor space needed to accommodate them is quite large. If the stands are placed in a single line they progress from our formation in 1913 to the Centenary over a distance of 4.5m. Alternatively they can be placed in a triangle formation for people to walk around. The stand isn’t waterproof but is suitable for use at large indoor rallies or public events. The stand is easily transportable as it breaks down into two special wheeled carry cases which are each around the size of a suitcase.

Scheduled events featuring the RSGB Wall of History

It is planned that the first chance to see the stand will be at the Blackpool Rally in March. This will be followed by use at the Kempton Rally, RSGB Annual General Meeting, RSGB Anniversary Day at Bletchley Park, National Hamfest and the RSGB Convention.

If you would like to borrow the display

The display is available for loan to clubs and organisations in return for a contribution towards the cost of carriage and insurance. We will need a brief explanation of what you intend to use it for before any loan is agreed. As the stands are relatively delicate, we do need to ensure that is looked after and not returned damaged, etc. To make this easier we would involve you local RSGB Regional Manager in the process of the loan and we may use them to ensure correct delivery and that construction is properly handled. If you would like to enquire about using the stand, either contact your local Regional Manager or send an e-mail detailing what you plan to do and when, to Mark Allgar, RSGB Commercial Manager ( )