This is a concept of a range of pre-packaged and supported presentations on vintage topics as well more up-to-date subjects, some supported by hardware demonstrations, so video based, and all made available to show at club nights or dinner occasions.

This allows us all, wherever we are in the country to enjoy a small element of the annual Convention lectures at our local club or perhaps at a local or regionally organised Centenary Dinner.

Presentations available for loan

  • Dip into the Archives I:  “A General look into the Society’s history”  (39 MB ppt Dropbox download)
  • Dip into the Archives II: “Membership in Service to their Country” (79 MB ppt Dropbox download)
  • Dip into the Archives III: “100 years of amateur radio aerials”
  • Dip into the Archives IV: “The Transatlantic Tests of the 1920s”

The talks take about 30 – 40 minutes to complete.  Each talk is complete with a PowerPoint presentation and script that can be delivered by any club member.  If you are interested in downloading these presentations, please e-mail Elaine Richards, G4LFM (

Presentations planned


Dud Charman, G6CJ Demonstrating his “Aerial Circus”

Up-to-date practical demonstrator of the “Aerial Circus” that Dud Charman, G6CJ developed in the late-1940s This was first show, in its development form, by its developer Terry Giles, G4CDY at the 2013 AGM.  The re-creation will be fully developed for inclusion in the Anniversary Day celebrations at Bletchley Park on Friday 5th July.  Terry will then develop more transportable versions for loan to clubs for their own demonstration.  We hope that this will be available later in 2013.

Please contact John Gould, G3WKL on with additional ideas, suggestions and support for this list.