SF – IARU-R1 Interim Meeting

IARU Region-1As discussed on the main IARU page, Interim Meetings are held approximately mid-way between Region-1 General Conferences.

Feedback from UK Amateurs and the Spectrum Forum are reviewed by the RSGB IARU Committee prior to proposing the brief to the RSGB Board for the RSGB delegates.

The next interim meeting is expected to be in April 2019


2016 Interim Meeting

The most recent interim meeting was held in Vienna on 16-17 April 2016. Topics included C4-HF, C5-VHF/Microwave as well as C7 (EMC) matters.


  • Call for inputs: Autumn 2015
  • RSGB Review: SF meeting 7-Nov-2015
  • Submission of  Inputs: 16-Jan-2016
  • Distribution of Papers:  6-Feb-2016



2013 Interim Meeting 

The 2013 interim meeting was held in Vienna on 20-21 April 2013




Note: Any change discussed at interim meetings generally requires a high majority and IARU Region-1 EC endorsement, prior to becoming interim IARU policy.