IARU Consultations

IARU Region-1Every three years IARU Region-1 holds its General Conference, as well as Interim Meetings at around the midway point.

Supporting this activity we have a standing set of forums for consultations on IARU Matters. These are aligned to the principal committees:-

  • C3 – for General Matters
  • C4 – for HF Matters
  • C5 – for VHF/Microwave Matters
  • C7 – for EMC Matters

Using the Litmus Process where appropriate, the goal is to achieve consensus as topics evolve through the three stages of:-

  1. Call for papers (ie to outline key topics )
  2. Review Draft UK Papers
  3. Review of All Submissions (inc. from other countries)

Current Consultation:
We have now completed Stages-1/2 for our own inputs for the 2016 Interim Meeting which covers C4,  C5 and C7 topics (not C3). Thanks to all who contributed/commented. Stage-3 of the process is now open for comments on all submissions. (See forum for links to Papers and topics/threads):-

Note: The RSGB Consultation Forums on IARU Matters replace the former ukc4 and ukc5 Yahoo Groups