IARU Consultations

IARU Region-1Every three years IARU Region-1 holds its General Conference, as well as Interim Meetings at around the midway point.

Supporting this activity we have a standing set of forums for consultations on IARU Matters. These are aligned to the principal committees:-

  • C3 – for General Matters
  • C4 – for HF Matters
  • C5 – for VHF/Microwave Matters
  • C7 – for EMC Matters

Using the Litmus Process where appropriate, the goal is to achieve consensus as topics evolve through the three stages of:-

  1. Call for papers (ie to outline key topics )
  2. Review Draft UK Papers
  3. Review of All Submissions (inc. from other countries)

2016 Interim Meeting Consultation:
This consultation closed at the end of March, having completing all three stages for the 2016 Interim Meeting which covers C4,  C5 and C7 topics (not C3). Thanks to all who contributed/commented.  (See forum for links to Papers and topics/threads):-

Note: The RSGB Consultation Forums on IARU Matters replace the former ukc4 and ukc5 Yahoo Groups