IARU Consultations

Every three years IARU Region 1 holds its General Conference, as well as Interim Meetings at around the midway point.

Supporting this activity we have a process for consultations on IARU Matters. These are aligned to the principal committees:-

  • C3 – for General Matters
  • C4 – for HF Matters
  • C5 – for VHF/UHF/Microwave Matters
  • C7 – for EMC Matters

The goal is to achieve consensus as topics evolve through the three stages of:-

  1. Call for papers (ie to outline key topics)
  2. Review Draft UK Papers
  3. Review of All Submissions (inc. from other countries) – Current Stage


2023 Region-1 General Conference

IARU Region-1 will hold its next General Conference in early November-2023.  Topics will include general reports , organisational/budget  proposal, the new HF Bandplan, VUSHF changes (inc WRC-23), accommodating digital technologies and contests, EMC and spectrum matters.

Comments should be forwarded by October-12 2023, to allow time to finalise the RSGB position



2022 Region-1 Interim Meeting:
IARU Region-1 held its Interim meeting on 23 June, just before the Friedrichshafen HamRadio event on 24-26 June.  There was a significant focus on proposed revisions to global HF band plans to accommodate growth in digital modes. Other topics include a proposed approach to band plans during contests, EMC and spectrum matters.



2021 Region-1 Strategic Workshop:
IARU Region-1 held its 2021 Strategic Workshop on 17-22 October. This was a key strategic aim for the 2020 conference (within the C3 stream), but deferred due to Covid. Our survey supporting the 2021 workshop is now closed (deadline 23 May 2021), and we thank all those who replied to the survey.



  • Background on IARU and our involvement, which is coordinated by the Spectrum Forum, can be found here
  • If you have any general queries, please contact the following as appropriate:-
    • C3: Spectrum Chair – spectrum.chairman@rsgb.org.uk
    • C4: HF Manager – hf.manager@rsgb.org.uk
    • C5: VHF Manager – vhf.manager@rsgb.org.uk
    • C7: EMC Chair – emc.chairman@rsgb.org.uk
    • Overall RSGB-lead & Head of Delegation: RSGB President