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IARU-logoThe International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) was formed in Paris in April 1925 when representatives from the UK, USA, Canada, France, New Zealand, Poland together with 21 other countries agreed to a formal organisation of national societies.

Today the IARU has members from over 160 countries with over 90 of these in the European, African and Middle Eastern region of the world.  It is also recognised as an independent non-governmental organisation (NGO) by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and participates in the work of this UN agency. The IARU, like the ITU, is organised into three Regions:

ITU / IARU Regions
  • Region-1: Europe, Africa, Middle East, North Asia
  • Region-2: Americas
  • Region-3: Asia-Pacific

Membership of the IARU gives the RSGB a voice at international level and allows the Society to have a leading role in the work of the organisation ensuring a future for the amateur radio services.  It exercises this influence through attendance at the IARU Region 1 General Conference, which occur every three years. The General Conference has several standing committees, in which the RSGB is represented.  For example the three RSGB Spectrum Managers sit on the HF Committee (called C4) and also the VHF/UHF/Microwave Committee (called C5), whilst we also have a representative on the new EMC Committee (C7).  In addition, we also have from time-to-time RSGB members taking senior positions within IARU Region 1.

Whilst the IARU Region 1 Executive Committee meets on an annual basis, the two spectrum committees – (C4 and C5)  and EMC (C7)-  only meet once, roughly half-way,  between the General Conferences.   RSGB’s representatives normally attend and present papers at this so called “Interim Meeting”. In recent times this has been held in Vienna , and is a useful forum to influence opinion as well as achieve urgent policy decisions on spectrum management issues.   Between meetings these committees informally keep in contact through e-mail “discussion forums”, reflectors, etc.

The RSGB’s Spectrum Forum and committees such as the EMC Committee interface to this structure through the spectrum managers, committee chairs, etc., ensuring an end-to-end process between the IARU policy making and affiliated clubs, special interest groups and RSGB committees and working groups.

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