SF – Terms of Reference

The Chair is to be appointed by and may serve on the Board.  The Forums Terms of Reference are as follows:

  • The Forum shall consist of the Spectrum Managers and such other members as thought to be appropriate.
  • To monitor and pursue all aspects of spectrum usage relevant to the amateur service and amateur satellite service.
  • To ensure that all spectrum matters within the Society are properly co-ordinated.
  • To identify areas where radio amateurs can make a contribution to spectrum usage.
  • To recommend general operating practices including band planning and matters concerned with safety.
  • To organise and prepare conference papers by Society and affiliated UK special interest groups, making appropriate recommendations to the Board.  For IARU conferences this will be via the IARU Committee.
  • To deal with international matters concerning spectrum usage, especially those arising from the Society’s membership of IARU.
  • To maintain a good working relationship with the national administration in all matters concerning spectrum usage.
  • To provide a web presence that includes all aspects of the work of the Forum.
  • To recommend annually to the Board the award of relevant society trophies.
  • To liaise with the Awards Manager and offer guidance where required.
  • Through the appointment the post holder accepts and follows the RSGB’s core Ethos values and Code of Conduct

Created 2004 (amended 31st August 2012 & 24th May 2014)