SF – IARU-R1 Conference

Every three years IARU Region-1 holds its General Conference.  The next event is in November 2023.





2023 Conference

The 2023 IARU Region-1 General Conference is scheduled for November 1-4 in Zlatibor, Serbia:


  • 31-Oct-2022: Call for papers
  • 1-Feb-2023: Delegation intent
  • 1-Aug-2023: Paper submission
  • 15-Aug-2023: Paper distribution
  • 1/4-Nov-2023: Conference

Conference Links:

2020/1 Conference

The 2020 IARU Region-1 Conference arrangements had to be changed as a result of the Covid pandemic.

  • Part 1: Routine business was a virtual conference on the scheduled dates, 11-16 October 2020
  • Part 2: The strategic workshop deferred from 2020 took place virtually on 16-24 October 2021


2017 Conference

Landshut Sept-2017

Topics for the 2017 conference were discussed at the October-2016 RSGB Spectrum Forum and  consulted on via the RSGB IARU Forum, prior to review by the RSGB IARU Committee and Board.


  • 13-Sept-2016: Call for Papers
  • 16-Apr-2017: Paper submission
  • 16-May-2017: Paper distribution
  • 17/21-Sep-2017: Conference

Conference Website: www.iaru2017.org

Outcome:  Conference Report

IARU-R1 Varna 2014

IARU-R1 Varna 2014

2014 Conference

Topics for the 2014 conference were initially discussed at the November-2013 RSGB Spectrum Forum and were also consulted on the RSGB IARU Forum, prior to review by the RSGB IARU Committee and Board.


  • 1-Sept-2013:  Call for Papers
  • 1-Apr-2014:  Paper submission
  • 1-Jun-2014:  Paper distribution
  • 21/25-Sep-2014:  Conference

Conference Website: http://iarur1con2014.bfra.org/


C4 Outcome: IARU-R1 HF Managers Handbook v8.1, Jan-2015
C5 Outcome: IARU-R1 VHF Managers Handbook v7.00, Jan-2015

2011 Conference

The 2011 Region-1 General Conference was held in South Africa:-