Centenary log format

We upload all the Centenary logs into a single log for G100RSGB, GD100RSGB, etc, stored and accessible online through Clublog.   This require logs to be passed to us in ADIF Format.

Most computer logging programmes provide an ADIF export option (.ADI file), that will probably include the following required ADIF fields –  QSO_DATE, TIME_ON, CALL, OPERATOR, MODE, BAND, RST_SENT, RST_RCVD, MY_GRIDSQUARE (if operating on VHF/UHF), DXCC, STATION_CALLSIGN.   Optionally the following could be usefully included: FREQ, NAME, and QTH.  If you are operating on the HF bands we would also like the IOTA details for your station to be included as MY_IOTA (EU-005, etc) and MY_IOTA_ISLAND_ID (Great Britain, etc);  however, if this cannot be achieved with your logging program, please add the details in your email that accompanies the ADI file.    It doesn’t matter if other ADIF fields are included if the export function provides them; we are able to extract what we need from the ADIF file.

Queries, suggestions on free computer logging programs and related advice can be gained by contacting John, G3LZQ at centenarylog@rsgb.org.uk