Outstanding Logs

It can take up to a few days after an operation of the station for the log to be uploaded to Clublog and Log Book of the World. This page is to keep track of those days for there has been a longer-term delay in putting the logs online. In a few cases this is because a planned operation didn’t occur or the log is corrupted beyond recovery, in other cases only a partial upload of the log has been possible. The dates and reasons are as follows:

13th MarchNo operation
30th - 31st MarchNo operation
1st AprilOnly partial upload
7th - 8th JuneNo activity
10th JuneNo log received
11th – 12th June No log received
13th JunePaper logs being processed
21st JuneNo log received
9th JulyNo log received
22nd JulyLog lost, see RSGB Centenary News item
23rd JulyOnly partial upload
30th July – 4th AugustOnly partial upload – timing errors being investigated
18-19th AugNo logs received
2nd OctNo log received

Table correct as of 11th October 2013