RSGB Logbook: Explorer

Explorer Award

Our Learning Team has created a new Discovery programme:

  • Few requirements

  • Straight-to-the-point

  • Simple-to-follow programme

Our goal is to produce a fun, easy to follow, interesting programme that helps community members discover new aspects of the hobby.

Download RSGB Logbook: Explorer PDF

By listening to the community and talking with existing groups within the hobby we are pleased to announce that we will be working together with established, popular programmes to help amateurs discover new ways of enjoying the hobby with the guidance and support of well-proven, fun, and exciting organisations.

This NEW programme will be a rolling programme so the team can adjust and improve the process as time goes on with the excellent input from the community.

We would also like to widen the groups included in the plan so if you enjoy being part of the hobby we have not included yet then please get in touch and let us know!


To start off we will be working with:


About the scheme

The RSGB Logbook: Explorer is designed to give you a taste of several existing groups within the hobby

  • These groups are well-established and are supportive of participants

  • Each group created their part of the RSGB scheme using their experience and knowledge

  • They are designed to be fun and enable you to have a taster of each aspect of the hobby

  • Participants can work alone or as a group


How to get started

  • Download and print out the RSGB Logbook: Explorer PDF

  • Read the introduction in the PDF

  • Each section has an introduction to help you understand the plan

  • As you come across links in the plan click on the link and it sends you to the corresponding page on the RSGB website to read further about that section

  • Please leave feedback and also a photo of you taking part on our feedback page

Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will be used to help the Learning Team to keep the programmes fun and paced appropriately.

We hope you enjoy the NEW Logbook programme!

Good luck!