Parks on the Air (POTA)

Parks on the Air (POTA) is an exciting activity in amateur radio that combines outdoor exploration with radio communication

Participants set up temporary stations in designated parks, enjoying the harmony of nature while making contacts with other radio enthusiasts.

This unique blend encourages operators to explore various landscapes and hone their radio skills in diverse settings.

It is great, no matter your skill level.

At its core, POTA connects radio operators with the beauty of outdoor environments, offering a chance to appreciate scenic landscapes and biodiversity.

It’s an experiential journey where radio waves weave through the airwaves, transcending traditional communication and resonating with the spirit of exploration.

POTA is inclusive, welcoming operators of all skill levels.

Whether a seasoned veteran or a newcomer, participants become part of a supportive community that values both the wonders of nature and the magic of amateur radio.

As operators engage in POTA, they not only enhance their technical skills but also contribute to a global network united by a shared love for both radio communication and the great outdoors.

There are many awards from participation to more challenging awards for both activators or hunters to achieve at their own pace.

In essence, POTA is a celebration of the limitless possibilities when technology meets nature, providing a fulfilling way for radio enthusiasts to escape traditional settings and immerse themselves in the wonders of our planet, all while transmitting their passion through the airwaves.