Brickworks: Building on the Foundation


Brickworks is an exciting and fun way to build on what you have learned on your Foundation Course. It enables you to learn more about your new hobby, build your confidence, gain a greater understanding of how to get the best out of your equipment and enjoy new experiences.

Tell me more about Brickworks

Brickworks is a scheme run by local amateur radio clubs that have committed to helping all licensed amateur radio operators discover what the hobby has to offer. These Brickworks Accredited Clubs are welcoming and friendly places that will support both those new to the hobby, and those who are already licensed, who want to explore the hobby more fully. They will give them advice, guidance, and help. They will work with their Brickworks participants and provide them with a refuge when things go a little wrong. It’s the scheme that we all wish had been in place when we were newly licensed.

Brickworks: your personal support network

When you enrol on the scheme your Brickworks Accredited Club will arrange presentations and support sessions aimed directly at your level. These sessions will be backed up by practical activities that are designed to help you put into practice what you have discovered. You’ll never be alone as you complete the activities as more experienced club members will always be on-hand to help and support you – often they’ll complete the activities with you to give you that added encouragement.

Brickworks sample certificateBrickworks rewards achievement

As you progress through the scheme your club will reward you with certificates of completion so that you can see and be proud of your progress. The RSGB has committed to publicising the achievements of those participating in the Brickworks scheme in RadCom and on the website.

The whole package is designed to get you from zero-to-hero at your pace with all the support you need in a friendly environment.

Brickworks is great value

Best of all, it is completely free of charge to take part in Brickworks. Whilst accredited clubs might ask you to join them, which is only fair, there is no additional charge for the support the scheme provides.

We hope that this introduction to Brickworks has given you an insight into what the scheme offers and how you will benefit from taking part. We wish you all the best in your endeavours and look forward to welcoming you onboard through your local club.

So, what’s your next step?

If you’d like to know more about the scheme and what you will discover whilst participating in its activities, please visit Brickworks Activities page.

If you’re ready to contact your local scheme host then visit our Brickworks Accredited Club Locator page, make contact and they’ll take it from there.

If you’re already a member of a club that isn’t Brickworks Accredited and would like to find out how your club could benefit from becoming accredited, please visit our Brickworks: Becoming an Accredited Club page.

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