Brickworks: Becoming an Accredited Club

Brickworks is an exciting and fun scheme that the RSGB has developed to enable clubs to increase retention in the hobby itself, promote progression through Intermediate to Full licences, and help stem the falling number of members that many clubs have witnessed in past years.

This new scheme aims to attract newly licensed operators to your club through the offering of a varied program of events and activities aimed at the new Foundation licensee, together with the support and encouragement they will need, backed by a reward system as they progress.

For further details about how Brickworks works, please visit our Brickworks Activities page.

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What is a Brickworks Accredited Club?

Brickworks Accredited Clubs make a commitment to support all licensed amateur radio operators to ensure that they have the best opportunity of succeeding in the hobby and becoming a life-long member of it. To fulfil this commitment, they will run a varied and creative range of activities to help their members gain confidence, increase their knowledge, have a better understanding, and a great experience, of different aspects of the hobby.

Many clubs already do this. If yours is one of them, then apply today to become a Brickworks Accredited Club today as the RSGB will be promoting this scheme widely in their marketing channels, as well as to everyone who successfully completes the Foundation exam.

If you think your club has the energy and enthusiasm to become Brickworks Accredited, but is too small to do the scheme justice, then apply to become a Brickworks Accredited Club anyway. Accredited clubs are encouraged to work together with other local accredited clubs to provide the best experience possible for those participating in the scheme.

There is one small caveat, your club must be affiliated to the RSGB to become Brickworks Accredited. Further details of affiliation can be found on our club affiliation page.

There is no need for existing Beyond Exams Club Scheme Accredited Clubs to become Brickworks Accredited, their accreditation will simply carry over; new Brickworks branded logos and certificates will be available to download from website.

How does my club become Brickworks Accredited?

Becoming a Brickworks Accredited Club is easy. Your club simply needs to commit to deliver a varied programme of events and activities throughout the year, monitor the progress of each Brickworks participant and award certificates to the participants as they achieve them. More details are available on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Is your club ready to become accredited?

Your application won’t take long and you will hear from us within a few days.

Before you start…

  • You’ll need your club’s Brickworks Champion to complete the application form.
  • Make sure you have your club’s login details to the RSGB website; do not access the Brickworks Accredited Club application using the Brickworks Champion’s personal login details, as if you do, your application may be rejected.
  • When completing the application form, use your club’s callsign and contact details and not the Brickworks Champion’s personal details.

Resources for Brickworks Accredited Clubs

Once your application to become a Brickworks Accredited Club has been processed, you will be emailed a pack that includes the following items:

  • Brickworks Accredited Club logo for use on your website and publicity material.
  • Brickworks Awards Submission spreadsheet. This simply needs to be filled in with a list of awards you have issued and emailed to the Beyond Exams Co-ordinator. This is then imported into the table on the Brickworks: Awards Presented page.
  • Brickworks Record of Achievement. An automated spreadsheet that you simply fill in the date a participant completes a particular task and it tells you when to issue an award.
  • Brickworks Certificate Pack. A set of five certificates that you can use to create all the awards you issue, simply by entering their name, callsign and date of issue.

This pack will also be sent out to existing groups that registered to run the Beyond Exams Club Scheme.