There are a range of VHF and UHF operating awards available, depending on interest

  • VHF/UHF Activity Award

  • Foundation VHF Awards

  • 50MHz awards

  • VHF Squares & Countries Awards

VHF/UHF Activity Award

The VHF/UHF Activity Award is particularly designed to encourage newcomers to these bands—but at any licence level—offering a progressive series of challenges across the VHF and UHF bands in various modes, but not requiring QSLs for contacts.

Completion of the VHF activities in your Logbook will get you substantial progress towards this award.

Foundation VHF Award

The Foundation VHF Award is a step up from this, designed for Foundation licensees.

It requires contacts on at least three bands and two modes, progressing through bronze, silver, and gold levels.

50MHz Awards

The 50MHz Awards are in the form of progressive achievement levels for locator squares (50MHz Squares Award), countries (50MHz Countries Award), and the 50MHz Continents and Countries Award.

Since almost all HF transceivers have 50MHz included, and a simple 50MHz aerial is small, these awards are very achievable if you are active in the summer when 50MHz activity is greatest.

VHF Squares and Countries Awards

The VHF Squares and Countries Awards are available for confirmed contacts with various combinations of locator squares and countries, using 70Mhz, 144MHz and 432MHz.

If you have already attained one of the earlier awards on 2m and/or 70cms, then you will be well on the way towards one or more of these awards.

Also true if you have completed the other activities in your Logbook at VHF.

The VHF/UHF awards are well suited to people who don’t have the space at home for the aerials needed at HF, offering plenty of challenge but also variety—as the conditions on each of these bands tend to require differing operating techniques and skill. It is also much easier to operate portable on VHF/UHF than on HF due to the size of aerials and equipment.