13 July – How to check for VDSL RFI by John Rogers, M0JAV

| June 15, 2020

John’s presentation

The RSGB EMC Committee (EMCC) has been investigating VDSL Interference since 2014. As the number of installations has risen to over 30M the interference level at amateur radio stations has also increased. The majority of radio amateurs are now impacted by this problem.

In the May 2020 RadCom we outlined how to detect and estimate the level of interference. This can be done by inspection of an SDR spectrum display or by taking a recording and then using a SW package (developed by Martin Sach of the EMCC) which identifies the VDSL signature in the recording and shows how many different VDSL lines are causing the problem and what their relative strengths are.

This talk demonstrates what to look for and how to use the tools to find out if you have a problem yourselves. We hope this will help you respond to our call for action and complain to Ofcom about the level of RFI you are subjected to.
John Rogers M0JAV Chair EMCC

About John

John Rogers, M0JAV is an RSGB Board Director and Chair of the RSGB EMC Committee (EMCC)

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