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27 September 2021 – Repeaters: how they are built, planned, commissioned and used by Steve Morton, F4VTF, G8SFR

| September 27, 2021

Steve’s presentation Voice repeaters have been with us in UK for almost 50 years a lot has changed in that time. We all are aware of repeaters but how many of us have considered what’s involved in getting one commissioned? In his presentation, Steve will cover a wide variety of information about repeaters, including the […]

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6 September 2021 – An introduction to meteor scatter communications, by Gavin Nesbitt, MM1BXF

| August 27, 2021

Gavin’s presentation Have you ever thought about making more QSOs over a longer range on VHF? This talk will give you the background on how to achieve that through bouncing your signal off meteor trails. During the talk Gavin will show you how and why Meteor Scatter communications work: what software you should use, how […]

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5 July 2021 – Assessing your station against ICNIRP EMF levels, by RSGB EMC Chair John Rogers, M0JAV

| July 5, 2021

John’s presentation Ofcom is implementing changes to all transmitting licences to require licensees to comply with ICNIRP general public limits on EMF exposure. This will include previously licence exempt users who transmit at powers of more than 10W EIRP. John introduces the work of the RSGB and ARRL experts in assessment of exposure to EM […]

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7 June – The Sherwood Ratings: Transceiver Performance for the HF DX & Contest Operator by Rob Sherwood, NC0B

| May 28, 2021

Rob’s presentation Rob Sherwood’s name has become something of a standard in the radio amateur equipment world as a trusted comparison guide to the technical performance of a wide range of transceivers. This presentation will explain the process that Sherwood Engineering go through to produce detailed performance figures for a wide range of transceivers. Rob […]

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17 May 2021 – Discover more about amateur radio direction finding by ARDF Chair Bob Titterington, G3ORY

| March 17, 2021

Bob’s presentation Bob takes a look at Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF) from its start in the UK prior to World War II to the situation in 2021 where there is a worldwide structure, competition format and rules. It covers the legal impediments to running DF hunts using cars, the frequencies, competition formats and the […]

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12 April 2021 – Introduction to VNAs and the NanoVNA by Alan Wolke, W2AEW

| March 8, 2021

This video begins with a short presentation in memory of HRH The Prince Philip who died on 9 April 2021 Alan’s presentation Alan gives an introduction to what a VNA is, the fundamentals of VNA operation and terminology, and what it’s good for. He then goes into the NanoVNA specifically—a bit about the design, calibration, […]

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