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8 April 2024 – HF Aurora Reflections Observed at Anchorage, Alaska USA by Whitham Reeve

| April 9, 2024

The presentation Many interesting phenomena can be observed in the high frequency radio band including aurora reflections, meteor trail reflections, radio blackouts, sudden frequency deviations, aircraft reflections, and propagation anomalies due to ionospheric patches and blobs. Detections of all these phenomena at Anchorage involve a terrestrial transmitter and terrestrial receiver separated by a distance great […]

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4 March 2024 – VHF National Field Day challenges and fun

| March 12, 2024

The presentation Have you wondered what happens at a VHF National Field Day (VHF NFD)? Would you like to take part in one? In this month’s webinar, we offer two different perspectives: Firstly, RSGB VHF Contest Committee member Richard, G4HGI will talk about how the RSGB VHFCC uses the VHF Survey and other tools to formulate […]

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5 February 2024 – Propagation at HF: What can we learn using digital modes WSPR and FST4W? by Gwyn Griffiths, G3ZIL

| February 6, 2024

The presentation Gwyn says: “This presentation is a story of learning-as-I-went-along with the Weak Signal Propagation Reporter (WSPR) mode within the WSJT-X digital communications package. It begins with building a simple, but successful, 7 MHz WSPR transceiver. “My next WSPR receiver went to the Arctic on an icebreaker, receiving three spots in eight days. Why? […]

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15 January 2024 – WRTC 2026 by Mark Haynes, M0DXR and the WRTC team

| December 31, 2023

The presentation The WRTC 2026 presentation will explain what WRTC is about and provide an overview of what the UK’s Organising Committee are planning for the 2026 event. Find out how you can be part of this once-in-a-lifetime event – either as a spectator, volunteer, competitor or referee. Following the presentation at the RSGB 2023 […]

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11 December 2023 – Amateur radio construction

| December 18, 2023

The presentation Do you enjoy amateur radio construction? Or would you like to try making something for the first time? The RSGB recognises the importance of construction as a key element of amateur radio, whether that is using traditional construction skills or a software or systems engineering project. In this presentation we’ll look at some […]

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6 November 2023 – An entry-level talk on End Fed Half Wave antennas by Colin Summers, MM0OPX

| December 7, 2023

The presentation Aimed at newcomers to amateur radio, this presentation will be an entry-level talk which will touch on antennas generally but will focus on the End Fed Half Wave Antenna (EFHW) – transformers, construction and performance. About Colin “I first became interested in radio around 12 years old when my cousin showed me an […]

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