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15 May – The T41-EP ALPS: A High Performance CW Decoder by Jack Purdum, W8TEE and Al Peter, AC8GY

| May 18, 2023

The presentation Jack and Al collaborated to build the T41-EP, a 7 band, 20W, CW/SSB SDR transceiver and this presentation is chiefly about how they developed the high performance CW decoder. Jack and Al co-authored the Software Defined Radio Transceiver (2022) and Microcontroller Projects for Amateur Radio (2019) books and numerous articles and presentations. They are also […]

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3 April – Sheep Worrier: A High Altitude Balloon Flight and Recovery System by Heather Nickalls, M0HMO

| March 22, 2023

Heather’s presentation In this talk Heather covers an introduction to flying high-altitude balloons (HABs), the radio systems involved, some science experiments she did on their flights, the recovery system she developed to help find the payload when it lands and, of course, lots of pictures from “almost” the edge of space. About Heather Ever since […]

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6 March – Microwave Contesting by Barry Lewis, G4SJH

| March 15, 2023

Barry’s presentation Barry Lewis, G4SJH, RSGB Microwave Manager, will talk about taking part in microwave and millimetre wave band contests at 23cm and above. The frequency bands, organised contest activity sessions, special rules and equipment aspects will be covered. Although similar to contesting in the VHF and UHF bands, some aspects bring additional challenges and […]

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6 Feb – QRP operating by Anthony Luscre, K8ZT

| January 31, 2023

Anthony’s presentation Anthony will discuss what QRP Operating is, how he got started and why you might want to give it a try. He will discuss a wide variety of QRP operating styles, take a look at some equipment used, and activities QRPers are involved in. He will discuss the unique opportunity it provides for […]

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9 January 2023 – Radio and Rucksack by Ben Lloyd, GW4BML

| January 9, 2023

Ben’s presentation Ben will briefly explain the definition of portable operating and give reasons why portable operating has its benefits. He’ll go on to explain a little about his adventures which mainly include SOTA, working DX and contesting…all by operating portable. Ben will run through everything that is packed away in his rucksack to enable […]

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5 December 2022 – 100 years of BBC Technology and Innovation by David Palmer, G7URP

| December 1, 2022

Introduction The year 2022 marks the centenary of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and whilst it is well known for its programme making and public service broadcasting, the BBC has also been responsible for introducing a wide range of technological innovations such as CEEFAX, RDS and VERA, Britain’s first videotape recorder. David’s presentation On this […]

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