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4 April 2022 – Breaking the big story – when amateur radio was the only way by Laurie Margolis, G3UML

| April 4, 2022

Laurie’s presentation BBC journalist and long-time RSGB member Laurie Margolis broke the fact of the invasion of the Falklands through amateur radio. Here’s how… He will also cover his involvement in the 1970 King Hussein story. In this 40th anniversary year since the Falklands War, we are delighted to have this presentation from Laurie. About […]

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7 March 2022 – The bluffer’s guide to digital voice by Tim Kirby, GW4VXE

| March 7, 2022

Tim’s presentation Tim provides a quick overview of the most common digital modes (D-STAR, DMR and Fusion) as well as some of the less common modes, and explains how you might use them. Which mode is the best? Tim will look at code-plugs and hotspots and try and demystify some of the jargon for you. […]

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7 February 2022 – The Russian Woodpecker over the horizon radar – a blast from the past by Keith Snyder, KI6BDR

| February 7, 2022

Keith’s presentation Hidden deep in a serene forest yet taller than the clouds, standing in surreal beauty is an antenna array like none other on earth, having an aperture area greater than 15 U.S. football fields. One of the great wonders of the world – a top secret Soviet radar, so secret that even the […]

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10 January 2022 – How to get started in software construction and where it can lead you, by Heather Lomond, M0HMO

| January 10, 2022

Heather’s presentation All you need to get started in software construction is a personal computer—Windows, Linux, Mac, they’ll all do—some spare time and, if you want to make a ‘thing’, then some loose change. There are three easy and virtually free routes into writing your own programs: develop applications that run on your PC using […]

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6 December 2021 – Using the Pluto and RPi4 for Amateur TV and Narrowband use by Noel Matthews, G8GTZ

| December 6, 2021

? Noel’s presentation Following on from his talk Advances in Amateur Television at the RSGB 2016 convention, Noel Matthews, G8GTZ presents the latest developments in the ever-evolving world of amateur TV. Noel gives an overview of ATV activity in the UK and in particular how the use of reduced bandwidth (RBTV) signals enabled ATV QSOs […]

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1 November 2021 – BITX to SBITX: the journey and development of this exciting range of transceivers by Ashhar Farhan, VU2ESE

| November 1, 2021

Ashhar’s presentation The BITX is a simple to build, yet challenging all-band transceiver kit. Many people, even if they don’t own one, will have heard or read of the impact it has for a radio amateur to be able to build a rig at a low cost, with repeatable results, to get on the air. […]

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