5 September 2022 – Back to the keyboard! by Mike Richards, G4WNC

| August 10, 2022

Mike’s presentation

Now that we’ve filled our logbooks with FT-8 contacts, maybe it’s time to move on and start communicating again!

In this illustrated talk, Mike Richards, G4WNC introduces you to the best data modes for keyboard QSOs.

In addition to explaining their operation and configuration, Mike will run through some operating techniques to take the strain out of keyboard QSOs.

About Mike

Mike has been involved in radio and electronics since his childhood days.

Mike, first licenced as G8HHA, became interested in computing in the early 1970s where he experimented with radio data links between his Compukit UK101 and a friend’s TRS-80.

That spurred him on to get his full licence, G4WNC, where he has maintained an interest in digital modes.

Mike’s writing career began some 25 years ago when he took over the PW RTTY column from Ron Ham and has been writing reviews and regular columns for many radio magazines including RadCom.

His latest endeavour has been Raspberry Pi Explained for Radio Amateurs, published by the RSGB.

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