5 July 2021 – Assessing your station against ICNIRP EMF levels, by RSGB EMC Chair John Rogers, M0JAV

| July 5, 2021

John’s presentation

Ofcom is implementing changes to all transmitting licences to require licensees to comply with ICNIRP general public limits on EMF exposure.

This will include previously licence exempt users who transmit at powers of more than 10W EIRP.

John introduces the work of the RSGB and ARRL experts in assessment of exposure to EM fields.

RSGB responded to the Ofcom consultation—on behalf of UK amateurs—and we are now preparing guidance on compliance with the new requirements.

The talk outlines these requirements and introduces four ways to conduct and record the results of the assessment, include calculating required separation, use of known compliant station configurations, and potential mitigating actions.

About John

Dr John Rogers, M0JAV—EMC Committee Chair—has been a volunteer for the RSGB since 2010.

He is or has been the Volunteer Leadership Team facilitator, District Representative (currently DR133), AROS coordinator and a Board Director (retiring from that position in April 2021).

He has conducted many investigations into RFI from new technologies in particular VDSL.

When working at Racal Electronics he specialised in signal processing for radar and radio electronic warfare.

This interest continues in searching the bands for unusual signals or propagation as a radio amateur.

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