11 January 2021 – Amateur radio construction by Steve Hartley, G0FUW and Pete Juliano, N6QW

| December 23, 2020

Steve and Pete’s presentations

Despite what many people think, building your own radio equipment is still a very popular aspect of amateur radio.

In fact there has never been a better time to do this, with readily accessible building blocks and high spec test equipment available at bargain basement prices, or, in the case of software, absolutely free.

This presentation covers the reasons why people homebrew radio equipment, share some ideas on how to get started and provides some examples of homebrew gear, and using hardware and software.

About the presenters

Steve Hartley, G0FUW

Steve came into amateur radio from citizens band radio in the 1980s.

He was originally licensed as G1KVY and became G0FUW a few years later after passing the old Morse test on the Isle of Wight.

He started building QRP radio equipment even before he was licensed, and continues to do so today.

He has been involved in amateur radio training for around 30 years and has served the RSGB in many roles, including Chairman of the Board.

He is now Chairman of the G-QRP Club and continues to lead a team of tutors who deliver the Bath Based Distance Learning courses.

He lives in Bath with his wife Jane and three cats.

Pete Juliano, N6QW

Pete is a co-presenter of the Soldersmoke podcast and has been building radios since the days of vacuum tubes or valves.

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