Amateur Radio Exam Secrets

| June 18, 2009

Ex_secrtFor those who are studying for the UK amateur radio examinations and want more information, then this is the book.

Covering all three levels of amateur radio licence Amateur Radio Exam Secrets is designed to extend knowledge and test candidate’s comprehension.

the 2nd edition of this book first produced in 2009 and has been reprinted a number of times with minor revisions.  We are currently shipping the 2017 printing of the book.

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Corrections, updates and additional information

Page 7

Col 1
bottom para
Replace the para with

Clause 13(1) requires you to ensure that your station is identifiable at all times and that your callsign is transmitted as frequently as practicable. That need not be on every ‘over’ but when first calling for a contact, a CQ call, or changing frequency or mode are obvious occasions and reasonably often thereafter.


Page 8

Col 1
Question f2c1-1
Replace option D to read

D   give their callsign as frequently as practicable

Question f2c1-2
Replace the question and answers with

In a long contact with the same station you should give your callsign

A   every time you press the PTT
B   at least once every five minutes
C   at the beginning and again at the end of the contact
D   often enough to be clearly identifiable while transmitting.


Col 2
Question f2c3-1
Replace the question and answers with

The use of secret code on the air is permitted

A   only when requested by a User Service
B   if you come across a person who has had an accident
C   for communication within the UK only
D   if you give your location correct to 5km

Question f2c3-2
Replace the question with

When talking to an amateur radio friend over the air you should NOT


Page 10

Question i2c1-1
Replace the question and answers with

You correctly call CQ on the 2 metre calling channel and your friend answers saying 145.525MHz is clear. When moving to that frequency you must

A   call CQ again expecting your friend to answer
B   give your callsign again
C   give your friend’s callsign
D   wait until your friend calls you.


Page 91
Col 2

Question 14
Options C and D should read 225° with C remaining the correct answer.

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