Exam Secrets for Radio Amateurs

| October 10, 2019

This book is aimed at those seeking more information about the amateur radio examinations in the UK. Set out with simple revision style introductions and exam questions for all three levels of the amateur radio licence, this book also includes answers to the questions with a brief explanation of why this is the correct answer.

Exam Secrets for Radio Amateurs is divided into the topic areas that align with the syllabus for amateur radio examinations. Each section is sub divided into sections for Foundation, Intermediate and Full examinations and there is a breakdown of how the questions will be allocated in the exam itself. The introductions are designed to remind candidates of the important facts and relevant details. The questions themselves provided are in the same style as the actual examinations and are typical of those candidates will meet. There is also a sample paper for each level of the amateur radio examinations. The final section details the answers to the questions encountered in the book and provides a short explanation to aid a candidate’s comprehension.

If you are studying for any of the levels of amateur radio examinations Exam Secrets for Radio Amateurs provides the ideal companion revision aid and quick reference book.

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Corrections and updates

We are shipping the 1st edition of this book and the corrections and updates to this are provided below.  These changes are made to the printed edition when it is reprinted and there are often a number of printings in circulation, so it is worth checking your copy against the updates below.  The current version of this book is the 2019 printing.

Page 96, 7E2-1

The line is transposed and should read ‘The signal report 5 and 2 means’

Page 109, the dB table

column 1,  line 3 should read

8x 2× 2× 2× 3dB + 3dB +3dB = 9dB

Page 146, , 7E2-1

column 2, , 7E2-1 the last sentence is transposed and should read ‘….a perfectly clear channel a 5 and 2 report is possible.’

Page 153, question 28

column 1, question 28, line 1.  The correct answer should be shown as ‘C’ and the word ‘product’ replaced with ‘ratio’.

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