Nominations Committee Minutes – 10 December 2014

| January 5, 2015


Rupert Thorogood
NomCom Chairman (RT)

Graham Murchie
Board Chairman (GM)

Stewart Bryant
Director (SB)

Steve Thomas
Regional Manager, Region 12 (ST)

John McCullagh
Chair ETCC (JM)


The session was convened at 19.00 by GM who then facilitated the session with the agreement of the NomCom Chair.

1. Update on status of current Directors

1.1 GM reminded the Committee of the current status of the Board members. He said that of the elected Directors John Rogers had expressed a desire to stand down at the 2015 AGM. Of the nominated Directors Stan Lee had offered to step down at the 2015 AGM to assist in the phasing of future appointments. However GM recommended that he be re-nominated to the forthcoming AGM for a further three years to maintain a balance of broad business expertise on the Board. This was agreed by the Committee.

2. Consider potential nominees

2.1 GM said that he had one definitive candidate for the vacant nominated position, which the committee considered should add promotional expertise to the Board. The Committee reviewed his details and decided that he should initially be co-opted onto the Board. Further options were considered but the committee decided not to pursue them at this time.

3. Review of New Volunteer list

3.1 GM had circulated a list of volunteers which was noted. Consideration of a further Member was suggested and it was recommended that the President be asked to approach him.

4. AOB

4.1 There was no other business.


5.1 Owing to the absence of the NomCom chairman in Australia it was agreed that the next meeting would be held by Skype at 07.00 on 10 February 2015.

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