Roger Gill, 2E0GHR, 24th September 2021

| September 27, 2021
Roger Gill, 2E0GHR (SK)

Roger Gill, 2E0GHR (SK)

Roger and I became firm friends very soon after I joined Torbay Amateur Radio Society in 2016, just after I’d taken over running the training team. Initially, he was a little hesitant to accede to my request and join the team, telling me that he knew very little about amateur radio and electronics in particular! I, on the other hand saw almost immediately that with his easy-going nature and gentle humour he could settle even the most nervous, mic-shy student, especially during practical assessments. This, combined with his ability to explain complex concepts in an everyday, down to earth manner made him a rare find. He later attended an RSGB ‘Train the Trainers’ Course and was granted an Assessor’s certificate, which he valued highly.

He was always unassuming, but also equally willing to help out and take part in club activities, whether it was setting tables out for a club meeting on a Friday evening, running the canteen, on a Special Event Station chatting to members of the public or helping to run the TARS Communications Fayre. On occasion he liked to refer to himself as an old ‘CB’ operator with an amateur radio licence, which probably in some ways sums him up – but his passion for using his station never waned, and he was just as happy chatting across town on a regular 2m net as he was making contacts all over the world! He seemed to have the knack for being on the right frequency at the right time to score some great QSOs.

His other two passions in life were sailing and motorcycling, both of which he enjoyed very much up until recently, when a life spent living with Type One diabetes began to take its toll. Until the very end of his life Roger was always helping others, carrying a knowing smile on his face and cracking the daft jokes he became renowned for. He once told me how blessed he felt to have met and married Dawn and then go on to have three wonderful children – he was, he said, content in life; what more could anyone ask for?

To say that he will be missed is very much an understatement and the amateur radio world will be a lesser place for his passing. I take a certain amount of solace from the fact that his callsign, like so many more who have passed will continue to ring out amongst the stars for eternity.

73 my friend, catch you further down the logbook.

Lin Allen, M0TCF
TARS Trg Tm & Vice Chair

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