Peter Carey, G3UXH, 10th May 2021

| August 31, 2021
Peter Carey, G3UXH

Peter Carey, G3UXH (SK)

Peter John Edward Carey, G3UXH was an enthusiastic ham, having obtained his licence in 1965. He joined the RSGB the year before and was also a member of the Royal Signals Amateur Radio Society, RSARS. For many years he was a member of the Medway Amateur Radio Transmitting Society (MARTS). Having left school at the age of fourteen, with no formal qualifications, gaining his licence was for Peter a very proud moment.

It was not just the ability to talk to people across the world but also the technical challenge of building better kit, including aerials that made the home garden look like a WW2 radar station, that fascinated Peter. He was a frequent participant in various contests and fields days with MARTS, on Cooling Marshes, using his children to maintain a kite holding up an aerial. To his disappointment none of them ever took up the hobby.

In 2001 he and his XYL, Rita, moved to Sheffield to retire. Here he maintained an active ham life although the garden was no longer suitable for some of his more ambitious plans. His shack remained a den of kit and by now included computers and other ancillary devices including weather monitoring equipment. Nobody in his family really knew what it was all for, but it kept Peter happy and busy in his retired days. It was here that he joined the Sheffield Amateur Radio Club.

He was recently diagnosed with cancer and died peacefully at home on 10 May 2021, just two months short of his 89th birthday, with Rita and his children at his side.

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