Nigel Ambridge, G4FRL, 31 January 2021

| March 2, 2021

Nigel Ambridge, G4FRL (SK)

It is with much sadness that we announce the passing of NRC Volunteer Nigel Ambridge, G4FRL, on the 31st of January 2021.

Nigel was born in Isleworth in July 1939. After schooling he trained as an engineer / toolmaker in High Wycombe. Nigel enjoyed understanding how things worked and was always already to try to repair something if it stopped working, be it a watch or washing machine. One of his early passions was motor bikes, where he became involved in a motor cycle display team. Nigel was an enthusiastic member of the local rifle club and he served on the Parish Council, where he became part of the team that restored the Windmill in Chinnor. Nigel obtained his amateur radio licence in 1977 and promoted radio communications through his role as a Venture Scout leader and later district commissioner for North Chilterns, organising Scout camps and demonstrating the use of amateur radio.

Nigel enjoyed dancing, especially with the family, but sadly in later life when he faced many medical challenges, this limited his ability. Despite this, he was still keen on learning new things such as building a magnetic loop antenna from various bits of scrap metal, which he operated from inside his shack. He then went on to build a rotating system for it using a Raspberry Pi, having never programmed a computer in his life.

Although needing to use a mobility scooter, Nigel joined the NRC Volunteer team at Bletchley Park shortly after his wife died and often said that volunteering at the NRC gave him a real sense of renewed purpose. Nigel was immensely proud to join the team and made many friends among both the volunteers and the visitors. He delighted visitors with tales of dismantling old valve radios and restoring them and, through DMR, which he was using to the end, he made many friends in the US with digital radio.

Nigel died at home on 31 January 2021. He was surrounded by his family during his final days and received wonderful care from the NHS.

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