David Newell, G0AKS, 14 February 2021

| March 2, 2021

David Newell, G0AKS passed away on the 14th February 2021 at the age of 78.

His enthusiasm and interest in radio, from valve to ICs, meant he was always doing something with his time on the air. He ran regular CW sessions on 2m during the 1980s for a small circle of friends, getting a regular listening crowd in the evenings and turning out a number of additional ‘Class A’ operators. David’s willingness to help others continued throughout his life and he was always happy to provide advice and support, from restoring old valve radios for neighbours, antenna projects for other amateurs as well as working on his Series 2 Land Rover and a rather large boat in his front garden. He never seemed to stop. He was also a regular user of digital voice on the 80m band and loved the challenge of new systems.

David will be greatly missed by family and friends alike.

Tribute by family friends Mark Hale, GW0POA & Anthony Fewkes, G4WAF

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