Fred Robins, G3GVM

| January 14, 2021

It is with sadness that I wish to inform you of the passing of Fred Robins, G3GVM.

He had deep and longstanding links with the RSGB and I’m sure many of its Members will remember him.

I am trying to contact as many people as I can who knew him to let them know and pass on the details of the funeral. Given the current wider circumstances there is an online facility available at; log in with the username and password shown in the image to the right. Please feel free to pass these details on widely to whomever you feel would want to attend.

I would welcome contact from RSGB Members and their associates and families if they would like to share their memories or shared experiences of him, especially if they feel there are elements that would tell more of his story in the eulogy. I can be reached at the email address or phone number shown on the right. The email address of course should be all on one line.

I would like to thank you for the place you held in his life. He wore his RSGB pin with much pride.

All the very best

His son,



[We have reproduced the login and contact information as images to avoid any unwelcome automated information harvesting – RSGB]

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