Jim Wheeldon, M0JHW, 26th December 2020

| January 7, 2021

Jim Wheeldon, M0JHW is a sad loss to his family, friends and fellow OPs, and members of Lincolnshire RAYNET, of which he was County Controller. Jim suffered a major stroke, and passed away on the 26th December.

He was a dependable stalwart character who fulfilled an active role within the RAYNET organisation for as long as I can remember. He was indispensable in mobilising the membership within the Grantham area, and took charge of setting up and operating mobile control stations within the South of the county, aided by Billy Rose.

He was a keen supporter of the Grantham Carnival; one of his personal pet user services, and his cheerful disposition and cheeky humour obviously endeared himself to the local population.

He took on more duties as County Controller Alan, G8EVI moved part time to Alicante, and took on the County Controller role officially prior to Alan quitting the UK in 2018.

Tribute by Dr Alan Clark, EA5/G8EVI

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