Ken Hatton, G3VBA, 5th April 2019

| April 9, 2019
Ken Hatton, G3VBA (SK)

Ken Hatton, G3VBA (SK)

Ken Hatton, G3VBA became Silent Key on 5 April 2019. He became GB2RS Manager in January 2014 and dealt with the paperwork for volunteer newsreaders. He became interested in amateur radio as a schoolboy and had been licensed for 53 years. A member of Warrington ARC, he served as their secretary for a number of years. He maintained his interests in HF, VHF, UHF, digital voice and data modes throughout his life. At one point he spent a great deal of his time helping to create Word files of many of the hand-written files in the RSGB archive. Rest in peace Ken.


The funeral service will be held at 2.20pm on Friday 26th April in Walton Lea Crematorium (Chester Road, Walton, Warrington, WA4 6TB). It will be followed by a reception at 3.15pm with sandwiches and drinks at the aptly-named Hatton Arms (Hatton Ln, Hatton, Warrington WA4 4DB), which is five minutes’ drive from the crematorium.

Ken’s family would like donations to go to the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer trust, details of which can be found in the online funeral notice.

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