P H Rama Prabhu, VU2DEV, 21st December 2018

| January 2, 2019
P H Rama Prabh, VU2DEV (SK)

P H Rama Prabh, VU2DEV (SK)

We have received a number of tributes to P H Rama Prabhu, VU2DEV, who passed away in Bengaluru, India on 21st December 2018. Thanks to VU2ALI for passing on the information and photo.

Here is an edited section of the tributes.


Regret to inform the sad demise of our beloved Guruji , Elmer, Benefactor OM Ramaprabhu VU2DEV. He was attending a program at Ramanashree Academy where he had a cardiac arrest and was declared silent key on his arrival at MS Ramaiah Hospital. He was a through homebrewer, always encouraging and motivating hams irrespective of who they were. Bangalore Amateur Radio Club will miss one of its leading lights and hams across the country their beloved DEV.

– de VU2ALI


It is truly sad to know the sudden demise of great ham, philanthropist Shri. P H Ramaprabhu VU2DEV. He is a very well known for sharing knowledge and expertise, motivating budding hams all over India. It is a great loss to all of us. We are deeply saddened to know the inform of his sudden demise. We express our heartfelt condolences to his family.

– de VU2MYH


May his soul rest in peace my “Guruji”
I was very close to him and we were in touch time to time.
Very sad loss for not only his Family and friends but for the whole Ham Fraternity!

– Dr Manoj


Very saddened to note that OM Rama Prabhu is no more. I have heard about him many times that he is such a nice & wonderful person where ever Ham activity goes on, he supports liberally in all aspects. He is an inspiration to every Ham. His sudden demise is really a great loss to the Ham community of our nation in general and particularly to the Hams of Bangalore. He will be remembered by every Ham through his good work. Our deepest condolences go to his bereaved family members

– de Arza Ramesh Babu, VU2RDM


A further tribute can be found on the Telangana Today website.

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