Graeme Platts, G4XOF, 26 November 2018

| November 29, 2018
Graeme Platts, G4XOF (SK)

Graeme Platts, G4XOF (SK)

Graeme Platts, G4XOF lost his battle against cancer on his 63rd birthday, the 26th of November 2018.

Graeme originally worked at Martin Lynch & Sons in the early nineties at the stores in Ealing and was one of Martin’s original employees. Graeme was known for his in-depth knowledge of scanners and communication receivers.  He left ML&S and went back into chauffeuring, then rejoined Martin, but the lure of being his own boss driving luxury cars for private hire gave him the outdoor freedom he desired.  He kept up to date in ham radio by being an authority on DMR and latest scanner technology.

Graeme knew he only had 6-12 months left after he was diagnosed in late 2017 but made the most of his shortened life, often joking about the unfortunate situation he was in. He drew up a bucket list and saw it all through, including attending his daughter Emma’s wedding in August and visiting the Ross Revenge, the original pirate ship of Radio Caroline that Graeme used to listen to as a kid. That’s what got him interested in short wave radio.

He was always an extremely happy individual and customers often used to comment, “How come Graeme is always smiling?”

Totally brave and cheerful to the very end, G4XOF will be missed by his many friends and family.

Tribute by Martin Lynch, G4HKS

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