Graham Parry, G7OSR, 29 August 2018

| September 19, 2018

Graham was involved in amateur radio most of his life, enhanced by his time in the RAF, passing his Radio Amateur Exam in the early seventies and obtaining his call sign G7OSR.

Graham was a long standing member of the Milton Keynes Amateur Radio Club, serving in many capacities and helping with events. He was shack manager when MKARS left Bletchley Park and presided over the last day of radio contacts from the old generator shed, then used as a club house. His quiet non dramatic management style was appreciated by many new members,  always ready to help if asked.

In 2013 Graham got ‘volunteered’ to be half of the National Radio Centre Support Team, and as a long term supporter of the RSGB was happy to help. Graham spent many hours and days working at the NRC undertaking tasks from clearing gutters, feeding cables in infeasible places and making tea. His expertise in all things technical being invaluable as well.

One of the duties of the support team was to facilitate events, Graham was very proud of helping with the training and examining of new hams, and running evening events for Brownies and Cubs.

In 2013 the NRC was chosen to be the ground station for the launch of the FUNcube-1 Amateur Satellite. First contact, confirming a successful launch, leading to much celebration after a long night.

Graham loved engaging with visitors explaining the strange world of amateur radio to the non-enthusiasts or swapping stories with fellow Hams.

Having never learnt ‘not to volunteer’ Graham became part of the MKARS training team and volunteered to be exam secretary. Graham helped many new hams into the hobby and was justifiably proud of the number he helped.

Graham helped with the club rally for many years but with a 04:30 start it began to dawn on him that volunteering was not always a good plan but would never let someone down.

With the recovery from major surgery progressing well Graham was making plans to sort out his own shack and hoping to visit Friedrichshafen next year.

Andy Roberts, M0GYK

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