Brian Slatter, G4DF, 16th October 2016

| April 7, 2017

Brian Slatter, G4DF, was the oldest member of Mid-Warwickshire ARS. He passed away on the 16th October 2016. His amateur radio activities, perhaps, would not sufficiently distinguish him, on their own, for much recognition. But it is his working life as an engineer that marks him out as being in the ‘A-list’ for achievement.

Brian may be regarded – if anyone can be, apart from Sir Frank Whittle – as the father of the modern jet engine. Starting in 1941 he designed a four-stage axial compressor engine from scratch, which he eventually tested in a Lancaster bomber in 1945. He ended his career as Technical Director of Rolls Royce Gas Turbines. His Olympus engines powered most of the Royal Navy fleet in the Falklands War of 1982.

The purpose of drawing attention to his achievements would be two-fold: firstly to acknowledge that among our ranks there are some very able scientists and engineers, secondly to inspire the next generation.

However, next to aeronautics and aeroplanes Brian loved his amateur radio, attending twice-monthly MWARS meetings up to the final weeks of his 96-year life span. He took up satellite communications in his 80s.

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