John Welsh, G0NVZ, 5 November 2016

| November 14, 2016
John Welsh, G0NVZ (SK)

John Welsh, G0NVZ (SK)

It is with deep regret that we learned of the death of John Welsh, G0NVZ, on Saturday 5 November 2016.

In his own words, John was born “a long time ago”, progressed to building crystal sets at age 10 and then studied physics at college. He progressed to valve receivers, valve transmitters, tape recorders, hi-fi systems and lots of other home electronics. After working on RAF radar for his National Service he worked for GEC for 40 years and part of the job was explaining to senior management – in simple terms – how things worked.

Licenced in  1980, he joined Verulam Amateur Radio Club and wrote early articles for their newsletter. He taught the Technical Basics and Transmitters and Receivers part of the syllabus to the first half dozen Foundation courses run by the club. More recently, RadCom obtained permission to adapt many of his Verulam News technical articles into the Moving On column, which ran for several years.

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