Frank Emery, G3ZMF, 14th September 2016

| September 19, 2016

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I have to announce that we have all lost a true friend and fellow radio amateur. Frank Emery, G3ZMF (aka Zany Mad Frank) lost his brief but courageous battle against cancer. Having been admitted to Epsom Hospital on Tuesday 23rd August, he remained on the Acute Medical Unit throughout his brief treatment.

Frank had been diagnosed with a brain cancer and took a major turn for the worst in the early hours of his final morning. This rendered Frank unresponsive and staff began their ‘end of life’ treatment. They immediately informed Vince Allen, G1HRD of this news, which was forwarded to me for dissemination. However, it was not until around 11.15am that a call was received to inform me that his nearest and dearest should be present.

I was able to inform Stuart Barber, G6CJR (CATS Chairman) and Tom Ellinor, G4DFA in time for them to make their respective journeys from their places of work while I was allowed to take my company vehicle off to the hospital. Sadly Vince was too far off in central London to make it before the tragic hour. He did however make in subsequently.

Frank died with at least some of his amateur radio friends beside him and passed peacefully while in his sleep. Sadly, there are no immediate family and it is us, his amateur radio family who rallied round to support him. Thankfully, his illness was short and his suffering therefore brief.

Frank was a very popular chap and I have no doubt that his passing will be felt by the many people that knew him. Be it from chatting with him on the GB3NS repeater, working him during contests (especially on 23cm with all his indoor antennas), or at the CATS Bazaar/Kempton Bring & Buy where he would be selling bits of surplus equipment and other ‘Frank-related stuff’.

Frank was a real wizard with radio and electronics and the CATS Committee would like to hear from anyone who had projects with Frank that he may have been working on. Hopefully we will be able to restore any equipment back to their respective owners, once we identify the stuff in ‘Central Stores’ as Frank would have described it.

I will of course keep you informed of any arrangements, once known. It is anticipated that the Coulsdon Amateur Transmitting Society will give him a 1st Class send off and will celebrate everything that Frank contributed to our wonderful hobby.

I would like to, at this early stage, like to express my sincere thanks to the efforts of Vince, G1HRD who raised the alarm in the first place, discovered Frank and continued to act as a liaison with the hospital even though he did not live locally, and to Tom, G4DFA and Stuart, G6CJR who have stepped up to the plate to address immediate issues with Frank’s affairs. But also to the army of visitors who took the time to visit Frank in hospital. I know he did respond well to his visits and I feel sure that he appreciated those visits, and of course, knew that we all cared for him.

I would love to hear any personal experience and funnies of Frank with a view of perhaps publishing them in CATS Whispers. Contact details are at

Andy Briers, G0KZT
CATS Secretary & Newsletter Editor

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