The Lord Rix, Brian Rix, Baron Rix, Kt, CBE, DL, G2DQU, 20 August 2016

| August 22, 2016
The Lord Rix, Brian Rix, Baron Rix, Kt CBE, DL, G2DQU (SK)

The Lord Rix, Brian Rix, Baron Rix, Kt, CBE, DL, G2DQU (SK), seen here in 1992

Brian Rix, G2DQU, passed away on 20 August 2016. He was 92.

His interest in amateur radio was kindled in his early years by his older brother, Malcolm, G5GX. He obtained an Artificial Aerial licence – 2DQU – in 1937 at the age of 13. He got his ‘proper’ licence after the War, when he was still in the Air Force. He operated a ZC1 that he converted, using his bunk as a shack. He remained active on the air for many, many years.

Rix rose to prominence as an actor. Starting in his late teens, be quickly turned professional and, in his early twenties, formed his own theatre company. He juggled both careers for the next several decades, becoming very well known.

Brian Rix used his high profile to promote amateur radio. on a number of occasions he was interviewed on radio and television for his views concerning amateur radio, and even featured the subject on his “Open Door” television series. In 1979 he was made an Honorary Vice President of the RSGB in recognition of the assistance he had given in the publicity sphere for amateur radio. He was also Patron of RAIBC.

In 1951 he became involved in the world of learning disability following the birth of his first daughter, who was diagnosed with Down Syndrome.  In the then-absence of any meaningful welfare support for such people, he and his wife Elspet became involved in various charities fighting for such support. He had many roles, including in the early 1960s becoming the first Chairman of the Special Functions Fundraising Committee of what was later to become known as MENCAP. He became chairman of MENCAP in 1987 and President in 1988, a position he held until he died.

Rix was given a CBE in the 1977 Birthday Honours and knighted in June 1986 for his services to charity. In 1992 he was created a Life Peer. On entering the House of Lords he campaigned tirelessly for disability rights, and also used his position to champion amateur radio causes such as interference from PLT.

In 1992 RadCom published a detailed interview with Brian Rix just as he was elevated to the Lords. (Note that the contact details for Mencap have changed and their website is here).

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